communicating your style online and in print

Newsletters, pamphlets, brochures are all ways that you get your information out to attract and keep customers.

Do you need to have a brochure that can be placed for potential clients to know who you are and what you do?

Do you need to have a fundraising brochure to help the people you are contacting realize how important their contribution to your organization is and what it might mean for the community around them?

Do you need a logo or custom letter head to finish off or reinvent your corporate look?

Do you need a way to connect to your customers on a regular basis but do not have the means within your own organization?

I have the expertise to deliver you the style and look that will get your target audience's attention.

If you need a more complete package, I can also design a website for your business or organization to reach those that reach for the World Wide Web before they reach for the phone. Ask about a package deal.

Contact me for more information.

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