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What is Faith Is…?

Faith Is … Scrapbooking About Where Life Leads

There are a lot of different scrapbook websites out there. I read many in the course of a week. My goal for Faith Is… is to have a website that allows for my faith to be expressed but not feeling that I have to have a scripture for each page I want scrapbook.

Life happens. Sometimes there are good things, sometimes there are bad things. Sometimes they are kinda gray right now because you are not sure where things are going to lead.

The important thing is continuing to have your faith in God that he is in control and that no matter how it feels right now there is something better coming down the road (at least at some point.)

So here I will be giving my thoughts of how God plays a part for my life:

- as a wife of 13 years

- as a mom of three beautiful daughters … one in heaven and two here on earth

- as a American Baptist Christian woman today.

I hope it can be a place where people can see how God works everywhere, regardless of whatever labels we place on one another.

Come on in and visit.

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