communicating your style online and in print

My background:

My interests have ranged far and wide as evidenced by the degrees I have earned in Religious Studies, English Literature, and Elementary Education. While I don't work specifically in any of these fields, this varied background allows me to bring a lot to my current work.

My philosophy:

They tell you "You are what you eat." I think as a business you are what you print, either digitally or on paper. This is usually the first interaction you have with a client or customer, and as we are always told, first impressions mean everything. I want to empower you to have your best face forward with your potential customer.

My promise:

I have found a passion in design. I pride myself in clean, smart layouts that are modern, but with classical and personal details. I will work with you to find out who you are and put that in an accessible form.

ornate frame credit to Rhonna Farrer

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