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There are so many ways to communicate these days.

I have found that I am good at designing, whether it is in print or online. I enjoy it. Because of this I do a lot of different things.

Take a look around, maybe I can help you out with a project that you are working on.

Have you thought of having a website? Not sure you know where to start?

I can help you determine who your audience is and what type of website will fit your needs and budget best.

see my portfolio

scrapbooking about

where life leads

For over 10 years I have created newsletters, pamphlets, bulletins and flyers.

I create each piece making all aspects of the design fit not only the funcuational need, but express the personality of the organization it is designed for.

Let me help you communicate your message effectively.

This is my place to collect all my ideas. Ideas:

- for how life is day to day

- for how I can look back and see God’s work in my life and of those around me

- for kits that help document all of this and more.

This is my newest project to date.

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